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In trouble again ….

on October 10, 2007

Isn't if funny that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to do the right thing you still get it wrong.  Such has been my week.  School is as hectic as ever, in fact more so with having been away for a week.  I came back and so much had changed!  Anyway I got all the things I needed to do done before my first lessons on monday, which I was worried about resulting in a sleepless night on Sunday.  Monday at the end of the day I had a meeting with my boss and which was where I first got into trouble. 


For possibly the first time in my life I got a row for working too hard!  I was stunned.  Apparently I am doing way too much for others and I need to cut back a bit.  I know I have been working silly hours this term but it sort of goes with the job.  I was strangely relieved though to be told to back off a bit and for the first time since June I left school tonight feeling as though I was on the brink of catching up rather than the brink of exhaustion, which is the norm.  I am probably teaching tomorrow and Friday this week too as we have several staff off ill and another probable candidate tomorrow, hence my role as stand in.  I won't know till the morning though so i better get myself off to bed.  It is with a rather demanding P1 class with 3 children who have fairly challenging behaviour but it's only for a day and a half and I have taught more difficult classes.



Apart from that I am excited to be asked to take some photos as a 'proper photographer'.  It is a forthcoming army parade and I am thrilled to be asked – I just hope I am up to the challenge.  I handed in my first camera club competition entries tonight so that was a bit nerve wracking, I just hope I don;t get completely slated before I have to go to this other thing or I will be even more nervous.  I will leave you with a pic I took at the weekend which I love the colours of. Take care x x x x



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One response to “In trouble again ….

  1. SJ says:

    hello ur pic is lovely of the flowers.
    where are you taking ur army pic photos from have

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