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on October 6, 2007

Oh it's good to be back home and some kind of, relative, normality.  Glasgow was great fun but there were some stressful times.  The course was hard going and I came away with a renewed faith in my own ability to teach but also a wad of printed paper that would fill more than one file box.  I visited a great school and made some new friends and allies doing the same course as me.  I saw some fab sights and had a few disasters but for all of this I am thankful.



I had one awful day where I got hopelessly lost and ended up with a flat tyre.  The whole situation was made worse by the fact that my pay as go phone provider was having massive technical difficulties and hadn't credited my phone, despite me processing the payment many hours before.  After forty minutes on the phone listening to some god awful music frequently punctuated by a very irritating woman telling me how hard everyone was working to help me and others like me and some one would answer the phone soon – I was ready to commit several unspeakable acts on her and anyone else daft enough to annoy me!  I finally got the phone sorted and contacted the AA, who were very prompt in arriving.


However, me being me, things were not quite that straightforward.  The road I was stranded on had two halves – a top and a bottom and were separated by a very steep hill.  When I contacted the AA I told them I was at the top of the hill from where I watched the AA man drive past me along the bottom while I ran parallel to him waving my arms and shouting like a mad woman ( apt description by this time!) .  He tried to phone me and I tried to phone him but somehow I kept disconnecting him – I don't do phones.  Eventually he found me and sorted the tyre enough to get to a garage the following day where I spent a fortune getting the problem sorted for good.



Today I met up with friends that I studied with during my initial teacher training and we all had good news to share and spent many hours thinking about how our lives have changed in the time we have known each other.  We are all happy with our lives but found ourselves thinking about how different things are now to how we imagined they would be.  We all had some good news to share, which is a first as normally there is some trauma for one or more of us and I just wanted to say publicly that I am thankful for my life as it is and for the friends and family I have around me.  


Sure there are niggles – I have a 3,000 word essay to write on the changes in educational inclusion in Scot's law over the past 30 years.  Wednesday night is competition night at the camera club and I haven't a clue what to submit because despite last week being 'how to present pics for competitions'  it never occured to me there would be one so soon, lol.  I have no idea what I am going to be teaching on Monday as I was away all last week and I will probably havemy first hangover of the year tomorrow BUT – life is good and even if it all changed over night I have the personal strength and the support of people who I care about to get me through it.  So on that note – take care x x x

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