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It has begun

on September 30, 2007


The massive sort and tidy of my craft room, that is.  So far I have managed to sort out my cardstock which was no mean feat, I tell you.  I emptied out all the page kits I had made up for crops and classes and all the kits I had from when I was a kit subscriber and you know what?   Almost every kit i have ever bought had either yellow or green cardstock in it!  A woman cannot possibly own so much yellow cardstock and still retain her sanity – now I know what the problem with my life is!  An overdose, albeit unwittingly, of yellow cardstock.  My next problem is – how to fix it? 


I quite like yellow as long as I don't have to wear it.  I can use it, in very small amounts but I cannot think of a scrapping theme or mini book idea that would warrant using so much yellow card.  If you can, please take the time to let me know.


I am adding in a few of my fave pics taken over the last week, just for interest.  I am hoping to update this over the next few days from Glasgow, but there is no guarantee that I will have either the time or the access to the net so I want to share with you while I can. 

That is all supposing there is someone actually reading this to share with, lol.  I feel a burst of 'come out, come out, wherever you are' coming on, lol. 


I do hope I get some time over the next week for me and I haven't got work to hand in for a while but in my experience, universities are not great at giving you the info you need up front.  They seem to take some kind of delight in springing unwelcome surprises on you so until I get there on Monday and after we get the two hour filler on how to use the library I might have a better idea of what is going on.  No guarantees on that one though as often the staff haven't a clue either!


I am not in the slightest bit organised so I am away to email the b & b to say I won't be there about 2pm, more like 6pm at the rate I am going, lol.  I think it may have something to do woth me having switched the computer on first, lol.  I am away, take care x x x


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