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Happy Scrapper

on September 29, 2007

I have finally managed to complete some paper lo's!  I was beginning to think I had forgotten how but I hadn't and I had great fun doing these.  The downside is that I have added to the chaos that is my craft room and I

 can no longer scrap in there until I have tidied it.  This is for 2 reasons - 1) because the mess is driving me nuts and 2) because there is simply no room for a piece of 12×12 card on any surface, not without something hanging over it or lying under it.  Aaaaaagh!!!!!!


Tidying when things are this bad is one of those jobs I hate as you make twice as much mess before you start to see a difference and it takes ages and then – just to add to the feeling of hopelessness – you can no longer find anything because you put it in a different place, albeit the place it should have been in all along!  Even if I had a cleaner it would still be a mess because only I know how I work so only I could sort


 it.  The situation is clear but it ain't any more welcoming for that, lol.



The worst thing is I am going to Glasgow tomorrow and won't be back till Thursday so I won't even

 get it all done before I go and what I have done will probably have to be redone because I won't remember that I already did it.  If I had an email address for the nurse I spoke to on Friday I would send her a link to this blog so she would understand.  I had to get more blood tests done, apparently my blood sugar is too high so they want to retest it just to check.  Surprisingly enough none of the nurses I had seen before were available.  They probably saw my name and passed me on as someone who had toddler veins.  I sat down and was told why the test was being done and her comment was "we fully expect this test to come back normal" to which I replied "I doubt that, I don't do normal". 

I got a very funny look but no more was said, apaprt from a lecture about my diet and need to exercise.  I know I need to exercise but until iI find something I like that doesn't take me out in the cold and wet, isn't too far from home, doesn't cost a fortune to sign up for and still leaves me plenty of time to do the things I

actually like doing, it's not a high priority.  I know these are all excuses but hey, it's my life. 



I am kind of looking forward to spending a few days in Glasgow.  I have booked a B & B and will be studying at Jordanhill.  It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea when I signed up but I am not sure now.  Mainly because it is yet more essay writing and more formal than doing the CT modules.  At least this course is free as the local council are paying for it. 


I have never really taken photographs in Glasgow so my camera will be coming with me everywhere I think.  I love the city, it has such a great atmosphere that I haven't found anywhere else.  I am also getting the chance to meet up with Roz while I am there as she has very kindly invited me for tea one night.  Thank you Roz.


For now I better scoot and start the ironing, it's a tad chilly to go au naturel which is

 what I will have

to do if I don't get it done.  Take care x x x


Edited to add – I have no idea why the text is the way it is but I don't seem able to get ti back to how it was – all the same size!


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