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Juggling plates

on September 23, 2007

For some reason life has been more hectic than usual since school went back in August but I am not really sure why.  I know I have a lot of plates to juggle but so do most people, I am just a bit bewildered by how long it is taking me to manage everything.  I was reading Corrine Dellis' blog earlier and she says she has started making daily lists and I think I am going to have to try that.  I have always been a list maker but I usually find I end up putting so many things onto the end of the list that I never actually get everything done!  That is not what I want as it won't help the situation.


I had so many things to get through this weekend that I ended up too restless to tackle anything so Gordon suggested a walk to clear my head. 

 Although I was initally reluctant I am so glad I went because it really helped.  Autumn is definitely here to stay but although it was windy it wasn't really cold.  I took some pics from the hill that we walked up.  In one direction was Livingston and it gives an idea of how rural it actually is, despite it's size.  The other direction showed the red shale bings that abound in the area as a result of the mining that used to be the main employment in the area. 



The only down side was we met a couple who had the appearance of being very wealthy but did not have scottish accents.  The woman was

looking for directions to a place she used to live and was bemoaning the fact that her home had gone under the redevelopment in the area.  I am not sure why it annoyed me so much, perhaps because she gave the air of having left the place for better things but still expected those that had stayed, lived, worked and contributed to the area to be living exactly as they had been when she left.  If she hadn't been so vociferous in her objections to the changes she saw it probably wouldn't have annoyed me so much.



The walk made me realise how unfit I have become and I have resolved, yet again, to make an

 effort to improve my overall fitness.  My weight bothers me sometimes but my lack of fitness bothers me even more so the time has come to make some changes.  At least if I take my camera out with me I should get some additional benefits in the form of some nice pics.


When I got home, via Michelle's to sort out a hoover and some photos, I played with a few digi bits using templates.  I love the speed that a page comes together with a template but I also like to play from scratch.  I have joined Kirsty Wiseman's digi workshop which is due to start soon so that will help.  I am more confident with photoshop for scrapping and even with photos, but I have only scratched the surface of what it can actually do.

I love the photo in this first page of Mark and Beth.  I took it yesterday at a park near Mark's flat.  It was one of those times when the light is just great but you can't plan for them unfortunately.  I got a few that I liked but this one just so suited being black and white.


I even got a paper page done but I haven't had the time to take a pic of it yet and I have a pile of stuff to do before I stop so I better go for now.


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