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Here I am again after all

on September 21, 2007

Here I am again after what seems like a long absence from blogging.  I have missed my almost daily outpourings and sharing of thoughts and ideas but I have been busy.


I have been cropping at Angela's, where I fell in love with Bam Pop papers

and made a few pages. The first one, of Beth, is so not my style but I love it.  The second one is just so cute and fitted the pic so well that it is another fave.  I wanted the alphabet stamps but Angela had sold out so I borrowed hers and then found a place that sold them so they are winging their way to me as I write. 


I also made a fab mini book which you can see in the collections section of the blog.  It is the blue and green one and was a class taught by Roz. We were shown several techniques and pages and then we finished it on our own and I won first prize for the book that Angela and Roz liked the best.  The even better bit was the Prize was Perfectly Clear the Autumn Leaves stamp book, perfect for a stamp addict like me.



I also got my new Bind It all so as soon as I have scanned the last book I made from Shimelle's class I will be binding it.  I have so many mini book ideas as I think they make the perfect gift.  ISince I started scrapping I have made each of my kids a mini book for their Christmas stockings which contain pics of Katy, Beth and Logan so the bind it all will be so handy.  Beth is also at an age now where she can appreciate mini books about her and keep them herself.


What else have I been up to?  SJ and I joined a local camera club on Wednesday.  We are actually quite spoiled because we have a choice of 3 within 10 minutes of where we live but we opted for the one that seemed the friendliest and we seemed to have made the right choice.  The main shock was that our joining has doubled the club's female membership!  When we first walked in we were the only females among 15 or so men but eventually another woman appeared which was nice.  Entering their competitions will be daunting but I will make myself do it.


The great thing is that the club we joined are the official photographers for Gardening Scotland in June so we get to take pics of anything and everything with a wee badge that says we are allowed and we don't have to pay for the priveledge.  The other great thing is that they also do all the photography for a local amateur dramatic society so we get access to all the bits of that, another thing I am looking forward to.


Anyway, I am now away to finish all the bits of this blog and link to it from the other blog.  I will be back to my regular outbursts in no time!  Take care x x x


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One response to “Here I am again after all

  1. Angela says:

    Love the new blog, it is fab! Glad you liked camera club, looking forward to seeing loads of great pics!!

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