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Chaos and disorder

on September 14, 2007

Seems to be what I am creating at the moment.  I am actually trying to make sense out the mess I have created but it ain't happening in a hurry!  I am currently employing a range of work avoidance tactics but the mess won't go away itself. 

I am off cropping at Angela's tomorrow but I amnot in the slightest bit organised.  I need pics for a class and to actually scrap with, oh and some papers and card would also be useful but at the moment my craft room is the worst room in the house.  I really should give up on this cleaning and tidying lark, it makes way too much mess! 

During this bout of housewifery I managed to make a page for this week's UKS challenge using the Seeing Stars kit from Weeds and Wildflowers.  I do love the stuff they sell but I also have loads of other bits I haven't used too.

I bought some bits and bobs from a local (ish) craft shop yesterday while I was hunting for the wool to finish Logan's cardi.  I will take them with me to Angela's tomorrow so I just need to sort photos and bits and bobs. Sadly I didn't get the wool I needed, it seems that very few people stock Sirdar anymore but I don't know why.  I did manage to find it online though, so fingers crossed it's not too different in colour.

I am enjoying my knitting at the moment, maybe I should just take that tomorrow, it would certainly save me some hassle, lol.

Anyway, I better scoot, as always, too much to do and too little time, maybe I should work part time for a while and see how I get on.  Ooops, I tried that.  Now who stole the past 12 hours, lol?  Take care x x x

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