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Digi scrapping

on September 12, 2007

I used to look at digi layouts and wonder why people made them.  I know it was a blinkered view but, to me, they just didn't look as good as real paper layouts.  I have no idea what made me change my mind initially.  I started with a photo of myself which I liked, all credit to Kirsty Wiseman, the photographer who took it and a free kit from Shabby Princess and off I went.  I was using a very simple photo editing package from Microsoft which, although still very useful for simple pages, is nowhere near as flexible or powerful as Photoshop.  It was fun to do and although very time consuming it was also satisfying.

I began to dabble a bit more mainly using freebies, of which there are so many now (thanks to those who are generous enough to supply them) but a few bought bits.  I began to get more adventurous which was when I ventured into photoshop.  I first downloaded the full version and elements to see which i could work with best.  Elements was much closer t o what I was used to but I liked the things that I could do in photoshop that I couldn't do in elements.  I still have masses to learn but thankfully there are so many free tutorials out there that, while often not easy, is at least simpler than trying to figure it all out myself.

Having had some of my pages printed I found I also liked the way they looked in an album.  I have tried a few hybrid pages, mainly printing onto transparencies, but have only made a small dent in what I can do.  Perhaps the best thing for me is that all elements and papers etc are instantly resizeable.  No more trying to manouvre a slightly too big title on a page to fit in the journalling.  No more trying to resize a pic to fit just so without having to crop out any detail or print it all over again.

I will never give up paper scrapping, I enjoy the tactileness of it all too much, but I am a complete digi convert. I love pages like this one of Katy which took very little time as I used a free template from Shandy Voght and papers from the Happy Being Me kit from Weeds and Wildflowers.  I know lots of digi scrappers say that the fact there is no mess is what attracts them to it, but I like the mess, it's part of the whole experience of paper scrapping, but I also like the fact that I can experiment with different elements and looks without risking my hard earned cash if it doesn't work.  I would say to enyone who wants to try it to have a look here for freebies to get you started and enjoy.  I do and I never thought I would.  Take care x x x

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