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Half way house

on September 10, 2007

As you can see the blog design has changed – the banner on the previous design was so naff I had to get rid of it, not helped by the fact that I had actually made it myself, lol.  I am hoping to have everything finalised by this time next week but it could be later depending on what else gets in the way.

I have actually managed some scrapping.  I made my first page for the Corinne Dellis 'Finding you' class and although I am not overally happy with it, I like it well enough to leave it for now.  I also have a page started downstairs but have had other distractions and haven't got it finished.  The paper on this page is Fancy Pants – a company I love.  It also has my old faithful, copper paint, on the heart swirl and the pin which was originally silver.  The task was to identify 10 positive things about yourself – which I found easier than I expected but then life is pretty good at the moment, relatively so anyway.

I also succumbed to a new digi site.  I have been looking and looking at the stuff available and deliberately not buying, but yesterday I could resist no more.  Today I sat and played and made this fab page, well I think it's fab.  You can hardly go wrong with such fabby stuff though, all available from Weeds and Wildflowers.

  I kind of spent more than I should have and way more than I had originally planned to but I wanted to do some digi pages for Beth that she can keep at home.  I also wanted to do some bits for Katy and maybe get them framed.

Apart from that it's been the usual disasters.  I was happily knitting away last night on the ast piece of a cardi for Logan, I got just past the arm hole and ran out of wool!  Apart from swearing loudly at the inconvenience of it I bought the wool ages ago and will have to go hunting on Thursday to see if I can get more which is a bit of a bummer. 

I also planned to go and see my children, all 3 in a round trip of the town.  However fate had other plans as I had a flat battery so went nowhere except to the local Halfords to get jump leads!  I am not even sure the battery is salvageable it was so flat but at a cost of £93 and a week of waiting for them to order one, I decided to pass in the hope a good charge will be enough.  Gordon is putting it back in the car as I type.  It probably did me good as driving hurts my knee which, although better is still sore.  Stairs are a particular knightmare so school should be fun as there are stairs at both ends, although only a few.  All in all I hope the week ahead is less of a hassle but somehow I doubt it, lol.  Take care x x x

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