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Cookers and coathangers

on September 8, 2007

Every now and again my children swap things.  Nothing strange there I hear you say, most children swap things.  I know that but most children swap dolls or cards or comics, my children swap furniture and cookers and stuff!  Sometimes things get swapped in bags, other times they require to be moved in a car and then every now and again it requires a van!  So not normal but oh so typical.

This time it was cookers, chairs and a one way wardrobe.  We have always been that way really.  Very little is ever thrown away, it is more usually given to someone without or swapped with someone else.  For many years I have rented a garage from the local housing association but you would be hard pressed to ever get a car in there.  It serves as a furniture recycling space for when someone who knows one of my children, and that is a huge number of people, is getting rid of something.  Most times it comes our way and if no one we know needs it we pass it on to friends of friends when they need it.  When my mum died we split the stuff among 6 young folk who were just starting up but had very little to start with, it seemed right.

Anyway, to get back to the great cooker swap – someone passed on a cooker which was in perfect working order and fairly new.  Thus it began.  Michelle has a cooker I had bought a few years ago but is older than the one that was going spare so she passed her cooker onto Sean, whose cooker was even older, and he passed his, which was still working, onto a friend who only had a microwave.  The trouble is the cooker was heavy as was the chair, a huge leather one, which Sean had now decided he had room for and which had been in the garage, so a van was hired.  Because we were getting the van Michelle decided to give Sean a wardrobe which she didn't really have room for but which was in great condition.  The trouble with all of this is that they both live in top floor flats, Michelle 2 stories up and Sean 4! 

During all of the moving I managed to strain my knee and have spent the rest of yesterday and much of today hobbling about in pain.  Sitting or standing in one position for more than half an hour is impossible.  Added to that the trauma of going for blood tests to see why I am falling to bits and I have been totally out of sorts.  The tests took 2 nurses and five holes – I lost count of the number of syringes and nearly passed out when the nurse came back into the room with another 3 boxes of them, lol!  It's not that I don't have good veins, it's just that I have toddler veins – what's mine is mine and it's going nowhere! 

I look a right state at the moment and have already started to go that delicate shade of purply green with bruises which, combined with the red bits where my skin has flared up, makes look like I am in training for October 31st.  I'm not sure whether the kids in school will be impressed with the war wounds or horrified by the colour clashes.

I have managed no paper scrapping but I did get a digi page done and I managed to sort out some of my pics so I can get started tomorrow.  The digi kit is called Allure ond is from  I am in serious need of a paper fix though, lol.  I also have a pile of sewing to be done so the machine will hopefully be aired tomorrow, if my knee can cope with it that is.  As for the coat hangers – I swear every time I go to the garage to get something there are more bags of coathangers waiting to spill all over the floor.  I think there may be a secret coat hanger factory in the back of it somewhere.  However having seen a rather large spider lurking the last time I got to the back I have decided not to investigate further, my stress levels simply wouldn't cope!  Take care x x x

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