Blethers and blahs

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on September 5, 2007

I know I have mentioned a few times thie notion I had about maybe teaching another day, just to fund my spending habits, well – that ain't gonna happen in a hurry!  I am sooooo tired just now.  I am trying to cram so much in to support a staff that are struggling to cope with way too many changes that I struggling to cope myself.

I have been in school for 11 hours each day this week so far and have just finished tonight's work at home, yesterday was even later!  I cannot sustain this I know but I have to get all the systems in place before the end of tomorrow when I finally get to switch off for a few days.  I think I had forgotten how exhausting a job this can be and how easily it is to be totally consumed by it.  The worst thig is that it doeasn't do the children any good when you get so tired, because most people, like me, just get crabby.

Anyway, enough moaning.  I have stuff on on Thursday, nothing exciting just sorting out my own kids – as usual, but Friday I am going to attempy a 12×12 paper lo, if I haven't forgotten how that is!

  I will leave you with 2 more pics from Shell's 'proper' photos and hopefully the next update will incluse some crafty bits!  Take care x x x

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