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David Bailey?

on September 3, 2007

Sara-Jane paid me a fantastic compliment the other day by saying I took photos in the style of David Bailey.  Now, before you all go choking over your cuppa while reading this – she then said it was because he cut the top off people's heads too. I was still flattered though, mainly because it seems I am developing a style of photography of my own.  I am very clear about what, to me, makes a good photo as opposed to a not so good one. 

There are many people out there who make taking great photos look easy – I ain't one of them though.  Up till now I have always taken pics I thought would look good on a scrapbook page – end of story.  However Michelle suddenly decided she wanted some 'proper' pics of her two darlings and I was the chosen one.  I didn't even feel insulted when she said 'proper' pics, but I refused to do the type of photo that looks like it owes more to a handy brush pole than photographic skill.   Anyway I was keen to try out my new speedlite as the natural indoor lighting in Scotland is often unreliable, to say the least.

So off I trotted armed with camera and all the bits, including a reflector I got as a freebie with a mag subscription and have never actually remembered to use.  Sadly today was no exception – which fair blows my chances of anyone else thinking I take photos like David Bailey.  Still Katy had great fun after the pics were all taken popping it in and out of it's bag, lol. 

I did manage to get some decent snaps but having also forgotten my tripod too many of them were soft.  I was amazed at what a difference the flash made to the overall weight and balance of the camera.  Now I know why photographers have assistants – so that they can remember all the bits they need and when to use them.  Anyway, Michelle and Steven are happy with the pics I took and it looks like any thoughts I had of myself as a world reknowned photographer are still some way off, lol! 

Seriously though I am away to do some much needed ironing before the madness of my new timetable hits tomorrow.  Despite having spent most of yesterday writing plans I am not much closer to being able to say I know what I am doing with any great confidence.  It looks like a long week ahead, but it will be worth it in the end.  Take care x x x

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