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on September 2, 2007

I am still here, sorry!  Life has been so hectic this past 2 weeks – I am so busy and have simply not had a minute to update this for days.

I still haven't uploaded the last mini book and I signed up for a Finding You class with Corinne Dellis which started today and I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.  I also fell in love with the latest BOM prompt from Roz and it would fit so well with the other class, hopefully I can get it started tomorrow.

I have spent all day trying to plan my teaching for the next few weeks, this time of year is always hectic.  So much of what I will be doing this year is different from what I did previously, in this school anyway.  Somewhere along the line I have taught most things before and all age groups but it just takes that wee bit longer to remember it as the years increase!  I also spent all day Friday in school, clearing out paperwork and plans dating back 10 years!  I came home filthy and tired and rather disgruntled at having to spend my day off at work, but it had to be done.  Another day of sorting and organising and I may even be able to find stuff.  I wouldn't mind except I work in a cupboard with a gents loo off it – it's barely big enough for me, although I may be able to get in the door without having to breathe in so hard now, lol.

Speaking of teaching I want to say a big thanks to all the teachers of scrapping classes out there.  I love going to a class.  Maybe it's because I teach as a job or because I don't think what I do is good enough but I could never see myself as a scrapping teacher.  I am not a terribly active member of any forum, life is simply too busy.  However I do thoroughly enjoy participating in craft classes.  Even if it's not a style you would normally choose or colours that you would go for you can learn something from it.  I am a sucker for online classes and have faithfully subscribed to the Design Collective each month. 

On that note I want to say congratulations to Heather who has just joined the creative and talented bunch that make up the Collective.  It is well deserved and makes it even more imperative that I maintain my subscription.

Still on the subject of good news I got word back that my essay had passed and I was granted a further 6 modules of my Chartered Teacher course.  Only another 4 modules and £2000 to the end!  On that happy note I will leave you.  Hopefully posts will resume, complete with pics, on a more regular basis.  Roll on the next holiday!  Take care x x x

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