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Fair chuffed

on August 29, 2007

Am I to be tagged by Heather as a blogger who has shmooze and the power to chat informally. 

Now anyone who knows me knows I definitely have the power to chat so thanks Heather, it is welcomed and appreciated.

I am especially pleased by the kind comments that accompanied my nomination , not least the praise for my photos which, coming from a very talented photographer, means a great deal. 

I can't believe it is Tuesday already, although today was such a long day at one point I even thought it was Wednesday!  I am losing my marbles I think, probably into P3's marble jar, lol.

The book week has been great and there has been much more of a buzz in the school than there normally is at this time of year.  I am sooo busy trying to organise all the children that need support into manageable groups and get a timetable up and running for the teachers.  Today I found  myself in two meetings at the same time – don't ask as even I didn't understand how that happened and I was there! – and when I had to leave to take a class the rather smarmy educational psychologist who was with us stated – 'well that's what they pay you for'!  The cheek of the man – not least because he was in school to try and paper over a mess of his departments making!

I am really looking forward to being back in class – although I have more children who I need to withdraw due to concentration problems this session.  I love the mix of my job, teaching is never a boring job, not if you do it well anyway, and my job is even more diverse in some ways.  I have no doubts that the year ahead will have it's own challenges and that I may not be able to meet them all as comfortably as I would like BUT I will give it my best shot because at the end of the day the very least the children I teach deserve, is my best.

For now I will take my sore head off to bed.  I have almost finished mini book #3 from Shimmelle's class but haven't got round to taking pics yet, so that is for the next post.  Take care x x x

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