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on August 24, 2007

I think I have this dreadful disease that forces you to remain stuck in front of a computer all day – I have named it computeritis but I have no doubts that there are many, many sufferers – who probably all call it something else, lol!

I had planned to spend some time getting to know my craft robo better today, but that never happened.  I got started on photoshop and there I stayed.  I am mightily pleased with the results but god, what an effort it was.  The programme tried to outsmart me all the way but I wouldn't let it.  I won in the end – to the victor the spoils – as they say in very old films.

   I love the curved lines of this page and will be using them again I am sure.  Everything except the flower border is by Jessica Sprague and the border is by Anne Langnap. 

When I read about digi scrappers one of the things they say digi has in it's favour is the lack of mess.  Well, despite being totally anal about like going with like when sorting my stuff I actually like the mess of paper scrapping.  There is something about digi that sometimes feels too clean to me, which is daft, I know, but that's how I feel.

I spent the rest of the day, and best part of the evening, uploading stuff to Photobox.  I do do a lot of my own printing but I prefer my pics printed professionally.  It's way cheaper for one thing.  I even uploaded my digi pages so it will be interesting to see how they look when they are in an album and not just on the screen.

I also got another 2 pages of my digi brag book done – all using Shabby Princess stuff as the previous pages.

   I have decided to give each of my kids a copy of the brag book in their stockings as they often don't see all the photos I take – there are not enough hours in a day for a start! – but they also like to all keep track of how each of the children have grown and changed but probably wouldn't get the photos developed.  I do copy my back up cd's for them from time to time but I am sure they put them away till the get round to it – which will probably not be in my lifetime, if they have my skills in procrastination, as I suspect they do!

Apart from that – no more disasters to report.  Gordon and I are off to the caravan tomorrow.  There could be trouble though as he hasn't told his mum we are going but he has finally changed the locks on the door.  So if she decides to come for a visit, as she well might due to the good weather, she will be stuck outside.  I wonder if she will ever tell us if she does come?  It would serve her right for interfering, though it does seem a tad cruel.

  Anyway I am not going to feel guilty that she can't simply come and go as she pleases, after all it is my home.  Take care x x x

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