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Lost and found

on August 23, 2007

This week in school is book week.  The aim is to boost the notion of reading as something enjoyable and hopefully begin to raise our levels of reading attainment.  As a result each class is focusing on a book or set of books by the same author and all sorts of fun things are happening.  The class next door to my wee room are working on the Lighthouse Keeper books by David and Ronda Armitage, which is one of my faves.  The only problem was the teacher didn't actually have a copy of the book.  I do and offered to lend it to her.

Thus began a search of epic proportions for that book and the others I have in the same series.  I knew which bookcase they were in and all I thought I had to do was remember to put it in my bag.  Simple, eh?  Well, to other folk maybe, to me?  Life never quite works out like that in this house!  First of all the bookcase I thought I had put it in was no longer there.  What was worse was that neither Gordon nor I could remember when we had last seen it, where it had gone to and when it had moved.  Not a notion did we have.  Now this may seem bizzarre but we have about a dozen plus bookcases in this house, all full, and various books in many other places too.  I searched everywhere and saw no sign of the book I wanted or the bookcase it had been in.

I even went to the storage unit that I have and looked there.  That was a big mistake, I brought back another 6 plastic boxes of books that I suddenly couldn't live without, all currently sitting downstairs in a cupboard waiting to be unpacked.  I found the Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas, but not his lunch.  I found a whole box of Angelina Ballerina books belonging to my oldest grandaughter which went into storage when her daddy moved house and which she will be delighted to see again, but not the one book I wanted.

I also found a dvd player I didn't know we had stuffed in the bottom of Gordon's wardrobe.  Apparently it was broken and he fixed it but never got round to testing it – it must have been there at least 2 years!  But I didn't find the book I wanted.  At least I remembered that the missing bookcase was relocated to my craft room when I moved my computer into the converted roof space, at 5.30 am this morning! 

Tonight, to top it all, I got a call from my daughter.  Steven has passed his taxi test and now has his licence.  In last week's free paper there was an advert for taxi drivers – did I still have the paper?  Yes but it was at the very bottom of our very large recycling bin.  Some time later, with papers scattered all over the path (thank goodness it isn't windy!) Gordon, armed with a golf brolly for extra reach, found the paper in question.  Several young boys were quickly starved of further entertainment (we will be the talk of the street tomorrow, lol) as I eagerly opened it to the right page – only to find ……  that the bit of paper with the advert on was on the back of the bit Gordon had cut out last week (an advert for cheap new tyres) and was lying upstairs on the his computer desk!  I don't think Michelle has stopped laughing yet!

On that happy note I am away to bed as I never did get back to sleep this morning and I don't need to get up tomorrow, yee ha!  I will be a happy scrapper, I hope.  Take care x x x

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