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Back at work

on August 21, 2007

Which is a bit of a shock to my system, lol.  However it has been an ok day as inset days go, no headache, no sickness, no wanting to kill someone or falling asleep during meetings – though this last one was an almost!  I did work late however, to make up for not going into school over the holidays for the first time ever.  I felt so guilty about it though, which is daft. 

I know we get great holidays and I know few other jobs have so much holiday time but few other jobs demand you spend up to a week of this holiday working not counting the hours that are worked over the other holidays too

The daft thing is that heads and councils expect to see wonderful looking classrooms within days of the new term starting but think if they allow staff the time to sort their classrooms they will misuse it – huh????   Anyway it is a week of meetings ahead – just the kind of week I hate, but needs must.  I was so tired when I got home that I cancelled craft club – sorry SJ!

I have been tormented with mouth ulcers for weeks now and despite using the most foul

mouthwash 4 times a day and using steroid lozenges they are simply getting worse and I think that is dragging me down a bit.  I wish I knew the cause but maybe the tests at the end of the week will help, who knows?  Anyone with any helpful advice feel free to get in touch.

I will leave you with the second mini book from Shimmelle's class.  I combined two of her ideas for this one and concentrated on texture.  I used Basic Grey Fruitcake paper, ink, copper paint, leather swirls and bookplates and the journalling is written on a transparency which sits between the pages

and is stamped in copper paint.  I used Heidi Swapp tabs on the transparencies so it was easier to turn the pages.

The pics are all taken at the site of a disused hospital, not far from here.  For regular readers it was the one where the man threatened me with the police for taking pics.  His is the van on the last page so if I ever get hassle from him again I can phone the police and give them his reg without him knowing I have it, lol.  Devious or what?


The pics and bits for the next book are all ready and waiting but it may be Thursday before I have the time or inspiration to make a start.  Until then, take care x x x

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