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Still here!

on August 19, 2007

Life has been very hectic the past few days but I doubt I could remember what is was that has kept me so busy though!  I did manage a 8.5×11 digi page.  I have toyed with this size off and on for a while but I am still not sure.  There never seems to bequite enough room for all the journalling I want to include, but I will maybe try again with paper.  I used Rhonna Farrer paper, a Katie Pertiet frame, title from Miss Mint and brad from Jessica Alger.  The flower is made from a wire heart freebie I got when I first started digi but I can't remember where it was, sorry.

I have finished the second book from Shimmelle's class but I haven't taken pics yet, that's for tomorrow.  I have all the bits ready for book three and the pics printed off.  It is very different again but should be fun.

I have been to the cinema to see Harry Potter, with Gordon and his mum, and Hairspray with Sara Jane.  I have to say I loved Hairspray but still have a soft spot for the original film.  I did buy the soundtrack for the new film though and have been merrily, and very untunefully, singing along.

Apart from that there is not much of interest to say.  I am sure no one wants to read about me doing housework or other boring stuff.  I have to say I do sometimes wonder whether I should continue with the blog, although I do find it therapeutic.  I will see how things go, maybe yes, maybe no, who knows.  Take care x x x

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