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on August 14, 2007

My first ever digi page made in Photoshop!

I have managed to make about 6 part pages and then got totally stuck and gave up but I was determined that I would get there in the end.

The kit for this page is by Leah Riordan and is called Kendall.  The 3 flowers at the side are by Dancing Lines and the title font is by Miss Mivi.  I am sure the flowers and the font were freebies which I found on this site.  I must update the links on this blog soon!  Oh, I forgot to say the bits for the blog banner (which I am still not quite happy about but don't want to fiddle too much more) are all by Rhona Farrer and bought from 2peas.  Most of the bits come from her 'Joy to the World' kit which I bought to make Christmas cards and the tag is from a set of clear tags.

Other than that there is not much news.  I have started my second book based on Shimmelle's class and it is looking good so far.  Well, I think so anyway.  I just need to get it finished now.

The ladies at the craft club I go to on a monday have just discovered ATC's so I am now invloved in an ATC swap and a birthday card swap.  Not bad for someone who rarely makes cards – because I just never know where to start – and who has only ever made one ATC and that was part of a class about 2 years ago!  I better go and get my thinking cap on – maybe I can do something digi for them, lol.  Take care x x x

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