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The second half

on August 13, 2007

Well after many hou

rs of playing and a few of creating I achieved absolutely nothing with Photoshop.  Well, nothing Iwould expose and unexpecting public to anyway!  I discovered a wealth of actions, some great others not so, for my purposes anyway.  I want to thank and congratulate all those people who put these things together, especially the ones who share them freely.  If anyone is interested the Adobe site has pages of them.

I did make a new blog banner, but went back to my faithful microsoft pack to do it, it is just so much easier to work with.  I haven't given up though and will continue to persevere with photoshop.  It's just a pity, but all to typical, that I left it till the last week of the holidays to start. 

One of these days I will stop procrastinationg long enough to get the thing I want done when I first decide to do it, but I ain't holding my breath on that one.   

After spending yesterday afternoon and this morning organising my beloved children, again, I finally got some me time to prepare the next book from Shimmelle's class.

I printed off 10 pics from a place locally that I love to photograph and I am planning on using leather embellies, transparencies and copper paint. 

I hope it turns out as good as it sounds!  I had thought about using real copper but my supply is getting low so Idecided that the paint effects would do just as well for now.  I will make a start at Craft club tonight and hopefully get it f inished tomorrow.

Michelle had a minor panic when she couldn't find her engagement ring.  Katy had been playing with it and she thought Logan might have eaten it but it turned up today, safe, well and undigested.  I think Katy took a fancy to it and then when she was asked where it was forgot and then put it back when noone was looking. 

Not bad for someone who is not yet 3!  Michelle was a complete magpie when she was younger too.

Well I am away for now – Gordon is visiting his mother so I should really think about food.  I haven't seen his mum since I got back from the caravan.  She came for a visit while I was away but Gordon was out working so she let herself in with a key she has denied having for the past 2 years and then decided that "the place was such a tip I just turned round and left again" – what a cheek the woman has!  It will take me some time yet to calm dowm from that one before I can safely visit without saying something equally rude.   The time before she told Gordon he should take his washing to her so she can do it and then iron for him as he always looks scruffy.  I swear I will have bitten my tongue so hard it will be half the size it should be before long.  Anyway I am now away before I get angry all over again.  Take care x x x

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