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Creatively happy

on August 11, 2007

I have had such a lovely day.  I signed up for Shimmelle's latest class a few weeks ago but missed the start with being at the caravan.  I have done several of her classes now and I always enjoy them. 

This one is called 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and is basically a mini book using 10 photos.  Shimmelle's classes are always inspiring and often give me things to think about and use in my non class scrapping as well.  I am now half way through the first book from the class – which will be a present for Beth as it is about her holiday at the caravan.  I will take and post pics tomorrow when the light is better. 

I have also printed out another set of pics for a different book from the same set of classes but will probably make a few more for gifts for Christmas.  I want to do one for Michelle of Logan month by month so she can see how he has grown and changed.  That also means I need to do one about Katy and I also have requests for some from others who have seen the one I made for Steven while he was in Iraq.  It looks like I am going to be busy from now on.

I quite fancy a 'Bind It All' as I am a mini book fan.  I like the idea of being able to make albums and books of any size I want, and even combine sizes, without too much hassle.  Angela has said she will be getting them in stock so I better start saving.

Apart from that all is quiet, Gordon is out again tomorrow so I will hopefully get Beth's book finished, I am at 11 pics, maybe 12, but it may increase as I took so many.  I also have an urge to go and visit a new craft shop which is not too far away, but that may not be a good idea, lol.  I will wait and see if I get lost in paper again.  Till then, take care x x x

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