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Home sweet home

on August 10, 2007

Well, I survived!  At times it felt like it was only just, lol, but we all had a ball, depsite the awful weather.  We were not without disasters – forgetting to take a coat on the wettest day I have ever known, the gas going out so dinner wasn't cooked, a pulled shoulder muscle making driving difficult …… among others!

All that aside we all had a great time and arrived home safe and tired.  I have walked more, swam more and explored more than I have since I bought the caravan.  I have seen many different kinds of wildlife, but luckily no ticks this time and we had great fun.  I even managed to get a page done – with Beth supervising my every move and telling me just what she wanted on it and where, a budding scrapper I think. 

I had hoped to get a few more digi pages done but it just wasn't for happening. 

Thanks to Dawn Inskip for the kit for this page, the title font is from Peppermint Creative.   

I haven't even managed to unpack yet, but I have got the washing done at least.  Tomorrow Gordon has at least 2 jobs to do so I am going to make the most of my peace and quiet and get some paper scrapping done.  I can't wait, it seems so long since I played with paper.  For now though, I am away to catch up on missed blogs and missed sleep.  Take care x x x                                                                                                                                                         

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