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Just a quickie!

on August 3, 2007

I love this page and the free kit I made it from.  Thank you to Franzi who was so generous with her time and efforts.

I really want to do something similar to this with paper soon, but It will have to wait a few days.  Tomorrow I am away to the caravan with Sean and Beth, it should be fun but I will probably be totally exhausted by the time I get back, lol.

Today Idecided to take all the grandchildren to the park.  I made Michelle come too because I am not daft enough to think I would survive it on my own.  I wouldn't be able to keep up with them for one thing, it's ' help Grandma' from Katy and 'can you just watch/help/push me' from beth with Logan sqealing for attention in the middle.  At least when one is being daring on one thing there is someone else to watch the other be daring on something else. 

Beth has always been a daredevil but Katy is usually much more cautious, until today.  She was on rope walks and everything today, and Logan had his first shot on a chute.   Me, I am totally exhausted and hurt all over!  I am now off to bed with some pain pills, heat rub and a good book.  Tomorrow I will panic about what to take with me and how to fit it all in.  Enjoy! 

Take care x x x

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