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Good news

on July 31, 2007

  Last night was the first birthday of the craft club I go to on a Monday night.  It is such a friendly group of people and it was nice to be able to share this celebration with them.  They are mainly cardmakers but there are more of them dabbling with scrapbooking each week.    Last night I met my first male scrapper.  He is over on holiday from America and came along with his friend, who is a fairly new member.   He was made very welcome and seemed to enjoy the banter.  He even got most of a page done which, with all the chat, was no mean feat.  I also got most of a page done but I was too tired to finish it when I got home.

I did manage to get a few more pages of the brag book though, some are templates and some are

made from scratch but they are so quick, easy and fun to do.  I also managed to sell some of the leather embellies on Ebay, you have to love that site!  I have been meaning to post some other stuff on there too, in order to make some space, I just need to get the photographs taken.  

I  have also been picking up some digi freebies and I have to say thanks to everyone who is talented enough to make these and generous enough to share.  I would like to be able to make my own bits one day, but I need to learn how to use the software first!  Anyway, that is for another day, today is collating the essay evidence, a trip to Edinburgh to collect the last bit and tomorrow it officially leaves the building!  I can't wait.      


The last bits  of good news are the best – I just hope it is forever this time.  The girlfriend from hell is gone!  I actually really dislike this term and I think it is way over used but I cannot think of any other words to fit this female.  What she has put people through is almost unbelievable.  I know a lot of it is due to her background but much of it is choice and spite and badness seem to ooze out of her.  I have never actually met anyone I would consider evil or anyone I could truly say I hated but she comes very close!  The next few months are the worst time – as she is at her most dangerous when she has been told the relationship is over but won't accept it.  Most times Mark backs down due to the relentless pressure and fear but hopefully this time will be different.  It is hard to comprehend a man being so scared (he is now 28 – how did that happen?!) of a female but it is what she is capable of that is scary, and the things she has other people do at her behest.  I know from previous experience that the police are helpless – the first time my son was left for dead by her and her father will live with me for ever, and I will spare you the details of the other things that have happened.  The police are always able to tell us what happened and who did it but nothing has ever come to court as witnesses are way too scared to come forward.  Apart from which their favourite way to attack is when he is sleeping alone in his own house.  This is a crime called 'hame sucking' and is one of the oldest on the statute books but in Scots law you need 2 independent witnesses to testify and that ain't going to happen in this lifetime!  Sorry I didn't mean to let this all out but it's bit like Pandora's box – once it's out there you can't get it back in again!

On a cheerier note – the police from Pitlochry phoned to say they had caught the youth who broke into my caravan.  They think he had an accomplice so we have to go to the local police station to have our fingerprints taken for elimination purposes.  CSI it ain't but just good old fashioned police work.  Hopefully the procurator fiscals and the courts will also see it that way and justice may be done in this case.  Take care x x x 

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