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Grandma’s brag book

on July 30, 2007

It was just yesterday that I mentioned I would like to make myself a digi brag book and today I got a 'too good to resist' offer from Shabby Princess!  If I could find $10 worth of stuff from them that I couldn't resist I could get a digi brag book free.  It was a difficult task, I have to say, only spending $10, well, just over it actually.  It was worth it though as I have had hours of fun playing with this little beauty, and am now thoroughly hooked, lol.  I know what I will be giving the kids for their Christmas stocking this year!  I have about half my pre paid Photobox credits left too, so that will take care of the processing costs.

I have tried to post pics but Typepad wandered off and got lost so no can do, maybe tomorrow.  Apart from that I have spent ages sorting out fonts and photos – why does the boring stuff take so long!

Tomorrow I have to make some changes to my huge essay before the final submission at the end of the week.  The tutor I submit to has been on holiday so I have had to wait for the final 'go ahead'.  I just want it off my hands now.  I have to go to Edinburgh to get a testimonial from a former colleague and then take the whole thing into Glasgow to submit.  At least after that I can file away all the evidence and research so the place will (hopefully) look a bit better.

On that happy note I am away to bed with a book, I have sore shoulders from spending too much time attached to this computer, lol!  I am back to reading Terry Pratchett, which is light and a good laugh.  I have just finished the last of the Age of Five trilogy by Trudi Canavan, a worthwhile read if you want something different with a strong female character, though her first trilogy about a female magician was slightly better, I think.  If anyone is reading or has recently read, a good whodunnit, please let me know.  I haven't read a really good one for ages.  Take care x x x

Edited to add – finally managed to get some pics uploaded but still working on the essay šŸ™‚ xx

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