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On the mend

on July 29, 2007

Thankfully I am feeling an awful lot better today.  I know I am lucky in that I can take a duvet day if I feel ill but that is a fairly recent thing so I haven't got used to it.  I have found it's what I need to head off a worse illness though.

Today I needed some fresh air and a walk to blow the cobwebs away.  Gordon suggested a walk on a local bing, which we both enjoy.  Bings are common in West Lothian as they are the result of the shale mining that used to be very common in the area. 

Some of them are very high and others aren't but most of them are popular with dog walkers and bike riders.  This is the view of the neighbouring bing to the one we walk one.  It was a fairly easy walk but I still felt very tired after it, but the fresh air did me good.

I have done no crafting today but I have spent hours sorting out my digi bits – what a job!  I used to say I would never do digi as I feel it looks flat compared to traditional paper scrapping, but I do enjoy it for some things.  I like the fact that I can try out different styles and not actually waste anything.  The bit I like best though, is when I get to use a digi bit on a traditional page.  I'm not sure what the true meaning of hybrid scrapping is – whether it is anything from the computer added to a page such as a title or journalling, or whether it is digi bits on a paper page.  Whatever it is I like it, loads! 

When I first started gathering digi bits I sorted them the way I did my paper stash, mainly by colour but that wasn't working as it meant publishing bits anywhere was a nightmare because I couldn't remember who to credit!  I have now revamped most of my stuff, and I am shocked at how much I have accumulated in a short time – and now have it sorted by designer and then colour.  The next step is to organise contact sheets so I can see at a glance what I have, but that is for another day.

I also want to organise my Design Collective classes as they are all in a large box and not in any order.  I have to confess to not having done any for a while, although I have maintained my subscription.  As soon as I get them sorted out a bit I want to do some of them because they are so good.

I also have a BP class to do called Daily essentials which I was going to do digi, hence the sorting out.  I wanted to combine this with the prompts about work on Scrapdolly's blog recently.   I fancied trying to make a digi mini book as a trial as I wanted to make myself a little digi brag book to carry with me.   This is partly because when people ask if I have photos of my grandchildren with me the answer is usually no, but also because it helps to show people what scrapbooking is and is easier than trying to explain it in words!

At the moment I use a very easy package from Microsoft but I really do need to bite the bullet and get to grips with photoshop.  I bought the book, I have bookmarked masses of helps and hints, now I just need to stop procrastinating  and get to it !  I am determined to make a start before the holidays end, I just need to force myself to do it before this holiday ends, not the next one, lol.  I will leave you with a pic that made me smile. 

In the middle of all the red shale, which looks very inhospitable, was a huge patch of daisies, and it made me feel happy just to be.  I hope it does the same for you, take care x x x

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