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on July 27, 2007

That's me.  Since I got into it last night at about 9.30 pm I have been out of bed for less than 2 hours!  There is a reason for this idleness though, so please don't judge me too harshly.  I have yet another viral infection affecting my throat, ears and glands and I feel absolutely awful.  Not least because I was supposed to go out with Sara-Jane today taking photos. 

I am really sorry SJ but I could no more have gone out taking pics than flown in the air.  I would have been such a misery you would have been relieved to see me gone, lol!

During my time awake I uploaded a page to UKS which I finished yesterday.  I only logged on because I had a message from a very kind person called Vickie.  Some of you will remember me rambling on about a competition which was held during the Luxurious Angels retreat in Lockerbie in March.  Well a very talented lady called Tracy won the first prize and I won the second.  I try to keep copies of any mags my work is published in, as well as a copy for whoever is featured on the page.

I bought a copy of July's Scrapbook Inspirations mag and was delighted to find my page was published.  I ordered an extra copy for Michelle (the page featured Logan) from a sponsor when I was ordering other bits but when it came some of the pages were different and the one with my LO on it was not included.  Thankfully Vickie very kindly sent me her copy of the mag with the LO included.  I just hope she likes the bits and bobs I sent her as a thank you! 

Apart from that I have simply read and slept – I just hope I sleep tonight though.  Well, if sleep evades me I will have to find something crafty to occupy me, which shouldn't be too difficult, lol.  For now, good night, and take care x x x

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