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on July 24, 2007

Sorry I haven't updated for a few days.  The medication I am on for my scabby skin knocked me for six!  I spent three days feeling dizzy and totally exhausted and although I have done very little I have no idea where the time went!

Luckily I realised it was the medication and have now stopped taking it, well one of the bits, so I just hope my skin improves along with my inability to move myself out of my bed!  I did manage some scrapping today though.  I wanted to yesterday sooo much, but just couldn't settle to anything.  Poor Gordon got the brunt of it as I was like a bear with 2 sore heads, lol.

My craft room looks like a bomb has gone through it, again.  No suprise there then.  I am trying to use up stuff I already have before the new stuff starts to filter through as I am bound to see so much stuff that I like, want and must have, lol.  I have wanted to use this 'Live out loud' rub on from Daisy D's for ages but just couldn't find the right picture, but this picture of Michelle and her friend Leeanne singing to Katy was the one!  I wanted swirls but not just inked swirls so I made brad swirls which I really like.  The journaling is round the pic.

Next up was a page using some leather flowers, which I very carefully cut out.  I am hoping to try alcohol inks and paints on the leather later in the week but I just need to create today, so it's raw leather, lol. 

This is one of those pricelss moments that make scrapping such a rewarding hobby!  Mark, my eldest took it during Logan's naming ceremony.  Katy was only recently toilet trained and suddenly she needed to go to the toilet.  The ceremony was stopped and Katy went off to the loo.  While there was a pause in the proceedings Leeanne, in the white top, made a comment about tummies and I quipped back about not being able to miss them.  This is Michelle giving me a row, starting with the words 'trust you, mum'.  It's not a great quality pic of this page, but it gives the idea of it.  I just love the smell of leather as well as the feel, so it's a very sensory page.

That's it for just now, tomorrow will take care of itself.  No doubt I will have to tidy, at least till my desk surfaces, but I have not much else planned at the moment.  I will see what delights the day has in store, oh what luxury.  Take care x x x

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