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A lucky find

on July 21, 2007

I had a great piece of luck today and I am so happy. Gordon decided that he would quite like to take up leather work as a hobby.   He used to do it many years ago and still has the tools. He did some research and discovered there was a tannery not too far away. I had nothing else planned today so off we went.

What a treasure trove of goodies it was. The place is big and warren like, with lots of different sections and floors. The smell of new leather was lovely.  Gordon bought what he wanted, while I  was nosing at the off cuts pile.  I came away with a bag full of leather bits for free!  I have spent a happy few hours cutting out bits using the sizzix, which I had to haul out of a box, for my scrapping.  Tomorrow I am going to try alcohol ink and stamps on it to see what I come up with. 

I am so pleased that I went and will be going back again at some point for more. 

The man said they store the bags of off cuts and the local schools collect them and use them so it looks like mine will be one of the schools with leather off cuts soon too.

I am having fun with my inks recently, I used them on the frame for this page, although it looks better in real life.  I am reying to break out a bit more and experiment and am actually enjoying it.   I have a notion for a page using leather, copper, inks and such, but I'm not sure how it will go.  If it's not a disaster, I will share it, if it is ….. maybe I will share it?  Take care x x x

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