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Butterflys and insects

on July 20, 2007

Thank you Sara-Jane.  SJ and I went off taking photos today at Butterfly and Insect world.  It was great to be with someone else taking photos, and quite different for me, as I'm usually alone.  We had planned to go somewhere to take landscape pics – my choice because I am rubbish at landscapes! – but the weather was foul.  It was cold and wet when we left and cold and misty when we returned, not good scenery weather, lol.

We met quite a few other 'photographers' there, all men.  At one point we both had a severe case of camera envy when a man with a huge one (camera, that is) walked past.  I consoled myself with the thought he probably had more money than sense, well I had to try something!  His wife followed him around carrying his 'accessories, as you do.  SJ and I carried our own, I hasten to add.

We had good fun, well after our cameras acclimatised and stopped misting up!  We took some great shots and have arranged another day, different venue.  We never even got lost, which for us is something special, lol!

Apart from that nothing much to report.  I have been busy crafting and indulging in my love of felt and transparencies.  I am working on a Lippy Chick book which should be finished tomorrow but can't be shared until Miss Lippy Chick has seen it.  I love it!  I love making these books and have plans for a few more in my head.  The first one is all for me and the others will be for gifts I think.

Having visited a local shop recently and saw the craft mag cover emblazoned with 'Christmas starts here' maybe I better make a to do list and get doing!  Trouble is the top of my list is always – find and complete all other lists first!  To do lists are fun to make but always seem sort of endless, well at least to those who are as skilled in the art of procrastination as I am they do.  Take care x x x

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