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Typical? Not me!

on July 18, 2007

I'm not sure I actually believe in reincarnation BUT if I am reincarnated I would like to be a normal, boring, everyday person who gets by happily.  The kind of person who could easily get lost in a crowd.

Why, I hear you ask?  Because my life is far from normal most of the time.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a terribly sociable person, I don't life the highlife and I am not terribly interesting unless you like the same things I like, lol.    Yet again I find that 'normal' doesn't seem to apply to me.  Take the caravan, for instance.  There has never in living memory been a break in at the park where mine is or in the village that is closest, until mine got broken into.  The glass for the broken door was measured and ordered BUT it got broken during delivery and has now been reordered.

Today I had to visit the doctor, which is always traumatic – due to the parking (or lack of it) and the 'helpful' receptionists!  My health centre is in the grounds of the hospital, as is the parking.  If you attend the HC you don't need to pay, simply collect a token and depart.  Except there are seldom any tokens so you have to wait for the barrier to be lifted by using the intercom.  I can't as I can never actually reach the button to call and ask for the barrier to be lifted.  I park locally and walk over, it's easier.  Well it was.  Today I discovered the council had fenced off several hundred yards of ground between where I park and the hospital grounds forcing you over the grass, where I slipped and ended up on my, rather large, arse, in the mud!  I looked a pretty sight, as you can imagine.  The doctor was running late, as he always is, so I had to stand for about half an hour with my back to the wall, but trying not to touch it, due to the mud.

I have had a bad rash type thing on the inside of my wrist for several months now and it is so itchy.  It looks like blisters but isn't and it's not nice.  I kept hoping it would heal but discovered the other day that the same rash had appeared on my other hand, hence the visit to the doc.  It turns out I have psoriasis, which I have had many times before.  This time however I have a non typical form that usually only affects children and can't be treated in the same way ordinary psoriasis is treated.  £20+ lighter I have a range of things that 'might help' and I have to try and figure out what triggered this outburst before I return in 2 weeks time.   In the meantime I have been told not to scratch, which is almost impossible.

I made it back to the car without falling and headed for the nearest chemist.  When I got there, there was a queue of 3 people so I popped into the paper shop for a paper while I waited for the queue to go down.  When I got back there were 6 people in the queue!  I swear they were all waiting round the corner till I left and then ran in, lol.  As I left to get in the car and come home the heavens opened.  Not when I was under the shelter of the shop front though, when I was part way across the car park.  When I finally got into the car I was soaked through to the skin.  I had taken a coat and an umbrella with me but had left them in the car because 1) I wasn't going to be long and 2) it was sunny – I never learn!  The rain was so bad I had to sit, dripping wet, till it abated enough to drive home.

At least the rest of the day was uneventful, I got some scrapping done and have made a colossal mess of my craft room.  Tomorrow I will tidy and post pics.  Tonight I am taking my non typical body to bed.  I just hope I don't fall out of it in the night!  Take care x x x

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