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on July 15, 2007

At last!  I have finally managed to get myself some paper therapy and some digi therapy too.  I fully intend to do even more today, not least make my daughter a congratulations card, but I am having a ball and don't intend to stop, lol. 


I have been trying to change my style a little bit recently, and it is working, although only slightly.  I am more of a Cathy Zielske type of scrapper than an Elsie Flannigan, although I love the work of both of these ladies. 

I adore the freestyle way of scrapping but I am way too controlling to make it work for me, I am a square peg in a square hole and not likely to change much, lol. 

Normally my titles are all 'written' in the same font and colour, despite the fact I have loads of the '6 colours of letters that coordinate with the whole paper range' type of alphas but I find them hard to use.  I know it's madness but it's me and I'm stuck with it.  However I did manage to break out a bit for the LO of Beth on a rare visit to McDonalds.  I am pleased with what I achieved and it was even relatively painless, lol!  The wee bird was a digi bit from Shabby Princess and printed onto a transparency, which I am loving at the moment.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry on the 'm' I decided to play with some digi bits, which I haven't looked at for months.  I picked the first bit of paper that caught my eye and the first pic so there wasn't a lot of thought went into this.   I am pleased with the result, although it is more my usual style than not.  I can't remember all the contributors but if you want to know then leave a message and I will look them up for you.  Some of the bits are not the original colours and I am still getting to grips with photoshop but that's on my ever growing 'to do' list.

The final page I did, before we had to go pick up Gordon's mum, is my favourite though.  I used felt and lace from my recent shopping spree in the fabric store in Edinburgh and loads of Autumn Leaves stamps, which I adore.  I don't normally do bright, contrasting colours like this but it just felt right.   


The stars, arrows and hearts are all stamped on felt and cut out, the rub on is Hambly from Angela and the ribbon is from Little Silver Hat.  The colours were inspired by the ribbon and the lace and they just went so well with this pic of Katy in a 'no I am not happy' mood.

Apart from that all I have made is a mess, lol, but once I have tidied it I can create some more.

I do have one wee problem though.  Well, if I really only had one life would be great, lol.  I have loads of ribbon and I store it neatly by colour wound round bobbins in pastic boxes.  However for craft club and crops it is not easy to just take some so I would like to try a more portable way of storing it all.  Any/all suggestions welcome but it does have to be kept in colours.  I can hear Roz and Angela laughing from here!  Bye for now and take care x x x

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