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At last!

on July 10, 2007

My essay is finished!!!!!!  All 10,000 words of it give or take the odd ten words or so, not counting the thousands of words that make up the vast number of appendices.  The worst thing of all is it's going to cost me £600 to submit it!  I must be mad.  Seriously though it will be worth it in the end and I will recoup the money over time, if everything goes to plan.  I fully expect to have to redo parts of it before the final submission but I will deal with that when the time comes.

I love my job, even on the days when the motivation to get up and go to work is hard to find but I am first, foremost and probably always, a class teacher.  I am most certainly NOT someone who wants to be a boss or a manager or anything else that takes me away from the classroom and working with children.  That is the reason for the essay.  I am undertaking my chartered teacher status which means I have to be the best I can be always.  It also means I have to write screeds about why I think I am a good teacher in order to get the salary increase I would otherwise have to go the management route to get.  For now, at least, I have done what I can and I have to await the final verdict which will be about September time, I think.  Then I have to decide what shape I would like the next hoop I want to jump through to be.  I think it will probably be related to reading development and skills, but that may change between now and then.

For now I intend to enjoy the rest of my holiday, meet up with friends, scrap loads and take some (hopefully) great pictures.  Speaking of pictures I have used the very last of my cash stash to buy myself a lens.  A fabby 50mm f1.4 lens and I absolutely love it!!!!!  I went out today for the first time in days and I managed to take these – aren't they a pair of sweeties? 

I came back from the caravan on Thursday as I had broken my glasses and could not see a thing!  I am a nightmare with glasses and either have no pairs when I need them or about four pairs.  Gordon reckons I should get a string to wear them round my neck but I am refusing as I associate that with old people and I ain't old people yet!  If you do wear your glasses on a string and aren't people please don't be offended.  If you read this blog often you will have realised that my head (and life) doesn't quite work like normal (other) people's do, lol.

It was weird being in the caravan at first, although the mess had been cleaned by the Park people.  I still cleaned it though from when I got there on the Monday till bed time on the Tuesday because it just didn't feel right.  I spent the Wednesday sorting the huge plastic box of paper for my essay, and I mean packing crate size.  I have kept so much stuff to support my essay as the required evidence it's unreal, and very, very heavy! 

I have refused to let myself post on any of the forums I use, I haven't scrapped, in fact I think I may have forgotten how to.  I have simply procrastinated, a skill I am reknowned far and wide for, and put off the evil deed. 

Since I started it on Friday I have only been out of my jammies to shower and put clean ones on.  I knew if I stopped and did something else, I would never go back to it.  I find writng about what I have done hard, it's much easier to write about others or to make light of things.

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a leisurely lunch and Gordon and I are hoping to have a day out together at some point this week and I have no firm plans for the rest of the time.  For now I am away to catch up with everyone else's news and rejoin the world.

I have managed to distract myself slightly over the last few days by buying some bits and bobs, mainly ribbon and am hoping to get some serious crafting done very soon.  Until we meet again, take care x x x

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