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Half full or half empty?

on July 2, 2007

I am normally a half full kind of person who has been known to utter the odd 'Why Me?' but I am usually fairly optimistic and upbeat.  The past few days though I cannot drag myself out of the mire of a 'half empty' , seriously can't be bothered with anything, sort of fug.  The worst part is that I have no idea why I am being like this.

Well, that's not strictly true, the thought of writing a essay of approx 12,000 words about my teaching isn't exactly filling me with excitement, compounded by the fact that I should have had it finished ages ago, could be part of the reason.  It's not all of it though.  I hate being like this, I hate feeling so grumpy and unsettled.  I can't even be bothered to scrap or take photos, which is so not like me.  Over tha past few days everyone of my children has had some bad news.  Nothing life threatening or too serious but enough to have a negative impact on them, and subsequently, me.   In my pre-parenthood days and when my children were young I used to think that when they had left home and were living independently I would no longer be responsible for them.  What a misapprehension that was!  I am proud of the relationships I have with my children and of them as people and, while I don't want to change that in any way I do sometimes wish they wouldn't tell me everything, lol.

The only things I have done since finishing school on Wednesday night have been to put the naming

day pics onto copious disc's for all the folk that forgot their cameras and to sort out a huge pile of pics for processing.  I was going to put off going to the caravan but I am off tomorrow and will probably be away about a week.  I will have laods of new pics to scrap on my return and hopefully I will be in a more positive frame of mind.

I will leave you with some of the pics I will be scrapping on my return to good humour and positivity.  The wee blonde cherub is Katy's best friend, Laughlin, who has just turned 3.  At least I can still take a resonably good photo! 

Take care x x x

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