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Mixed emotions

on June 28, 2007

The past few days have been a combination of ups, downs and all around the houses and I am quite tired as a result.

The end of term in a school is always exhausting as you try to hang on to the remnants of normality yet still fit in all the extra things that this time of year brings.  Doing the job I am now this time of year feels strange because I am not involved in so much of what is happening and where, as a class teacher my workload would be lessening, as an ALN teacher my workload has increased dramatically.  The result of this is I have finished work, technically, but still have a days work left to finish!  At the moment it's sitting in a bag with the aim of finishing it tomorrow and handing it in on Friday but I will see how it goes.

Sunday I crafted and managed to produce 4 LO's which I was happy with, some using pics I had been meaning to scrap for ages!  I am now at the stage where I need to do a huge photobox order but as there is a postal strike looming I'm not sure when it will get done.


On Monday I was faced with another 3 days of solid report writing and I headed off to work full of dread.  I got through the day, and most of the reports but came home to the news that the caravan had been broken into.  The worst thing was we had hoped to go at the weekend but didn't because of the naming ceremony.    Apparently the only damage is to the glass door, which had a large rock thrown through it.  It will be covered by insurance but all the papers are in the caravan.  Thankfully though the management of the park and the local police have been great.  I will get a better picture when I go up which will be Sunday or Monday.  I sometimes wonder if it is worth having the caravan as I have had a lot of problems with it.

Apart from that I have managed to get all the reports written and sent out, though sitting in front of a computer all day is not my idea of fun and I have the sore back to prove it. 

Tonight was a high though as it was the primary seven leaving 'do' at which all the boys looked handsome, many of them in kilts, and all the girls looked way older than their years in very sophisticated outfits.  It was a lovely night and they were all posing for the official photographer when I left.  What an amount of equipment he had with him but I'm sure the finished results will be well worth it.  After the group shots he set up in a separate room for family pics, which will no doubt be treasured for years to come.

Tomorrow night is the staff night out and we are off for a meal on a barge, which will be something new for me.  At least it's a canal so we won't need to worry about being sea sick, lol.  Apart from that I have no major plans except to get a huge essay finished for my Chartered Teacher status which is almost a year late.  I have to get it done as it's like a mill stone round my neck and I just want it out of the way.  I will also hopefully spend loads of time with my family, take loads of photos and get loads of crafting done.  I have a feeling the next seven weeks will fly past.  Take care x x x

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