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Naming Day

on June 24, 2007

Logan's naming day was a great success and enjoyed by everyone.  The star of the show slept most of the day because he had been up most of the night before. 

  He looked very cute in his white suit and managed to capture the hearts of everyone, old and young, as did Katy, who was not going to be outshone by anyone, lol.

All the hard work and organisation that had gone into making it a day to remember was well worth it and I want to say a huge thanks to Gillian who officiated at the ceremony and who was such a natural people person, a skill I truly admire.  She put everyone at their ease and made a special day that bit more memorable.

I managed to persuade my oldest son, Mark, to take pics during the actual ceremony as I had a poem to read aloud and therefore had to stand with the celebrants.  I think he did a pretty good job but this pic was taken during a short break in the proceedings for a toilet break, unusual I know but Katy has

only been out of nappies 10 days and we couldn't take the chance!    

I had thought that I would just be taking pics, as I normally do, for myself with soem for Michelle and Steven.  However I got there to be greeted by seveal cries of 'Oh I forgot my camera, can I get a copy of the pictures please' – so no pressure there then!  The only person other than me who had a camera was Steven's grandad.  The one good thing was that people were very complimentary about the pics I took that they saw.  The lighting in the venue wasn't great and although the rain stayed away it was very overcast outside with some short bursts of sun so I was really pleased to have got some decent shots.  The editing and deciding what pics to give to who can wait till next weekend.  Today is my day for some scrapping, just for me, and I can't wait.  I will leave you with a pic of the happy family in a rare moment of cooperation from Katy.  Take care x x x


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