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I’ve got the knack

on June 22, 2007

But I don't think it's a good thing.  Regular readers will by now know that certain things in my life don't go smoothly, in fact it could be said that I have periods in time where I am not safe to be around and today was one of those days.

It had started off fine – all I had planned was a visit to the haridressers and a trip to Asda to get cakes for Logan's naming ceremony on Saturday.  I had hoped to visit Michelle and the kids too, just to make sure everything else was organised.  Then Gordon said he had two jobs to do today but was waiting on a delivery of locks and could I be in to sign for them.  This just meant a lsight adjustment in the order of things so wasn't a problem.

Off I set to Asda armed with a pic of Logan for the main cake.  As I reached the bakery section with the cake to get the photo put on the lady that was coming to help me slipped and fell and hurt her head quite badly.  I later discovered she was taken to the hospital and had concussion.  In all the confusion of staff arriving and me urging her to stay where she was the cake and the time were forgotten.  Suddenly I was in a rush so I left the cake with the staff while I gathered the rest of what I went for, dashed back to the bakery to find the machine was now not working!  I arranged to go back in the afternoon and rushed off to the hairdressers.

When I went back to collect the cake I decided to pick

up some extra bits, one of which was conditioner which was on the bottom shelf.  There was a man standing in front of it with his wife, who was in a wheelchair, talking to some friends.  I felt sure I could reach without having to ask them to move so I bent down, stretched out my arm and nearly feel over.  Just as my head was level with his posterior he farted.  Now this was no – oh I'm sorry that slipped out sort of fart – it was a morning after the heavy night beofre sort of fart and it was foul!  I hurreidly stood up, gasped for air, loudly said excuse me, grabbed the conditioner and fled.  On arriving back at the bakery section to collect the cake – it was nowhere to be found.  3 assistants and 15 minutes later it was discovered at the back of a rack of freshly cooked rolls.  It is now safel downstairs ready to be delivered to Michelle tomorrow.  All i have to do now is make a card, sort out clothes to wear and decide what shoes I can both stand and drive in, oh and find and print the poem I am reading during the ceremony!


I will leave you with a LO I did at craft club on Monday and the canvas I made for Logan's non religious god mother – there is a special name but I can't remember it.  Take care x x x

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