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Busy doing nothing

on June 18, 2007

I can't believe how fast time is passing at the moment, and I don't even seem to have anything to show for it!  I have finished the canvas and the book for Logan's naming ceremony.  I can't show you them yet because although I have taken pics they are on Gordon's computer and not mine.  Not sure how I managed that, but there you go.

I also made a mini book for Steven for father's day and managed to get a few shots of him and the kids for a frame that he was given.  The module on the photo workshop this week was people – and I thought I would struggle to find suitable candidates but luckily I have managed to get the shots I needed.

Steven and Sean came with me today to the disused hospital I had the unfortunate experiance in before.  Luckily today passed very peacefully and there was no sign of the awful securtity guard. 

I got some great pics though but will go back again as some were just not right, although they looked fine in camera.  I also found a few flowers I hadn't seen before so I am hoping to identify them and maybe get more shots at a later date. 

Apart from that nothing much has been achieved here.  The week ahead looks hectic as ever but there is only one more working week after this till the summer holidays.  I am lucky to be working only part time or I would be on my knees by now.

The strange thing about being in a different school is the way that all the end of term things happen differently.  In some ways it is easy for me as I am not as invloved as a class teacher would be, but in some ways that is a disadvantage as I often don't know what is going on.  I can't have everything and I am grateful for what I do have, even though it sometimes doesn't sound like it.

For now I am away to bed with an average book, nothing to get excited about.  I am looking forward to reading some more 'can't put downable' books when I have the luxury of the time to be able to do so.  Until then, take care x x x

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