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Here comes summer!?

on June 14, 2007

What on earth as happened to the warm weather?  I have spent yesterday and today feeling cold and decidedly unseasonal.  May used to be one of the warmest months of the year but not this one and we haven't had many warm days so far in June.  The children at school are supposed to having their sports day tomorrow, I hope they are wrapped up warm!

I had a behaviour training session this morning in school which took everyone by surprise.  Every time I saw someone they would say 'Good morning' then about turn and say 'but it's Thursday'.  As I only work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was a tad confusing.  My main worry was that I would forget and miss it, but luckily I didn't.  I have to say the lady from Barnoardo's who was doing the training made the time pass very quickly and it was great to hear the ideas and suggestions of someone who wasn't a teacher.  I know this sounds strange but people from other professions look at things differently and have different experiences and I think it was partly that that made the training so worthwhile.

I have sort of come to the decision that from after the summer holidays I am going to try and get work  for one day more a week.  Three days is great but the money isn't and, as I seem to have very expensive hobbies, the extra money would be useful.  I would only go back to work 5 days a week very reluctantly as I am much less stressed and more settled these days, but we will see how things go. 

I am hoping to actually get some scrapping done this weekend.  Michelle wants me to make a canvas for a gift for one of Logan's named adults at his naming ceremony which is suddenly next week.  The time is flying by just now and I hardly seem to have time to think.  Roll on the holidays when I can get to slow down a bit.  Anyway, I better go and get pictures organised for it and think about what I am going to do, I hope inspiration strikes.  Take care x x x

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