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If you go down to the woods today…..

on June 11, 2007

….. be very, very careful.  Yesterday, despite the extremely hot weather, Gordon and I went for a walk in the woods up abov

e the caravan site.  We chose a different path to normal and one that was more difficult and, at times, waist high in bracken.  Today I discovered I had brought some unexpected souveniers home with me – five ticks!!!!!!  I have had more showers than I can count, I am full of puncture wounds from prising the little bu**ers off with tweezers and I have been scratching like mad at the very thought of them.  Gordon had none!  Now is that just not typical – if there is something unpleasant going to happen I will be first in line.  I have read about some of the side effects and know that the risk of developing Lyme's disease is small but is another worry I could do without.

On the plus side I survived a weekend away with his mum and, in all honesty, it wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be. 

It was strange being there with someone else but good training for when I take my children/grandchildren.  I took some pics which I liked and loads that were awful but I don't know why.    On one of my jaunts I passed 3 cars full of young lads who wanted to get to the other side of Loch Tummell, one thought it was France and I didn't correct him, lol.  I did give them directions but I'm not sure where they actually ended up.  Still, they were polite and pleasant and their mums would have been proud of their manners.  Apart from that it's been a lazy weekend and hopefully I will be fully recharged for the demands of the week ahead.  Take care x x x

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