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An unfortunate experience

on June 8, 2007

Up till now I have never had any problems taking photos – apart from operator error, lol.  Sadly last night I had a bad experience but I won't let it put me off.

There is a former psychiatric hospital near here which has recently been sold to a housing developer and as the weather has been nice I thought I would have a wander round it and take some pics before it was gone forever.  Sadly I encountered a 'jobs worth' security guard who almost ran me over twice, demanded I get into his vehicle so he could escort me from the premises and then, when I refused his kind offer of a lift, demanded I hand over my camera!

I didn't deal with things they way I normally would have as I was totally thrown by his aggression and threatening behaviour.  I did leave and locked myself firmly in my car.  I got a few shots but not many and was shaking by the time I got home, mainly with anger.

This morning I contacted the police to clarify my rights and have the incident recorded, I didn't want to make a formal report as I hadn't asked for his name or anything.  Suffice to say their advice was to carry my mobile with me the next time I went and to contact them if anything similar happened again.  I fully intend to go back soon and my youngest son has kindly offered to come with me as protection, lol.  Hopefully the next time will pass without incident.

Tomorrow I am off to the caravan again, with Gordon and his mum.  It will be strange having someone else around but she is feeling a bit lost at the moment, so it will do her good.  I will be back on Sunday and hopefully the weekend will pass without incident.  Take care x x x

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