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Clear and simple

on June 6, 2007

I must apologise to the people who's blogs I usually read as I haven't managed to read them for ages.  I think there is something wrong with the time zone I am living in at the moment as I keep losing hours from my day!  Still only 3 more weeks of manicness at work and then I can relax a bit.  Work is so hectic at the moment that my boss has even offered to pay for me to work extra days to catch up a bit, something that doesn't happen very often I can tell you.

I am not long home from school in fact, but it wasn't all work.  The P6 class had put together an Enterprise event called 'Listen to the Lettuce' which was all about healthy eating and was very good.  There were various demonstrations by the pupils including two rythmic gymnasts – OMG I can't believe I was ever that supple, it was incredible to watch.  The children all did well, depsite being let down by people who had arranged to come and do a demonstration.  It is really unfair when adults do that, especially when the whole event was organised and co-ordinated by the children.

Apart from that there is not much to report.  I had a fun time at craft class last night and managd to get a whole page finished, which is a first.  I am absolutely delighted with it too.

   The original doesn't have the names on it but I thought it would be nice for those of you who follow the chaos that is my life to put faces to the names.  The background is white and so doesn't show up fully in this pic but you get the rough idea.

I am in love with gold/silver/shiny and all things clear at the moment for some strange reason.  The idea of putting rub ons on the ghost letters came from one of the Design Collective classes but the overall style of the page is one I have used before.  The funny thing is pages that are so simple like this often take much longer to do as they have to be exact, although this one isn't quite, lol.

The other fave page from my recent scrapping frenzy is of Katy and is printed onto a transparency.  the letters are ghost letters again, but this time painted and chalked.  I also painted and chalked some of the flowers and added some chalked swirls to the back ground, which are not very clear in the pic.  Layouts_011I used Bazzill bling card and blossoms on this one and I love the way the texture of the card shows through the transparency.  I have also used the ghost letters on a work in progress and painted them with Jo Sonja's opal dust that I bought from Angela.  I am hoping to finish it on Thursday as it's been sitting for a while but I just couldn't get part of it to work.  I am learning now it's best to leave it and go back later with a fresh eye.

Well tomorrow is my Friday and all the more manic because of that.  Much as the money I earned working full time was nice, I do enjoy life more as a part timer.  Long may I be able to afford it.  Take care x x x

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