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Paper Therapy part 1

on June 4, 2007

May was a terible month for me scrapping wise.  I think I managed the grand total of 3 Lo's all month and one of them was absolutely dire!

However this month things are back to normal, I am printing off the last 2 lots of Design Collective classes as I type and I have completed 3 lo's between yesterday and today.  This rush of inspiration was helped mostly by some lush new stash I purchased from Angela.  I bought some Heidi Grace papers and chipboard and they are so lush, I love them all.  The following 3 LO's were all made with them and I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite.  One thing I did notice after I had stuck everythig down was that the 'a' the the title of the 'Play' LO was reversed, lol!  I put it down to tiredness as I had already stamped the title using a 'r' instead of a 'p' – or maybe I am losing the plot after all.

   The pictures were all taken on Friday and are of Beth, who I don't see as often as I would like.

The first one I took from a lower angle than I would usually choose but I love the effect of it as she showed where she had just put an 8" pizza!

The second page is pics I took of her swirling her skirt to lift and it and generally having fun, as all 7 year olds should. 

The third page I converted the pic to b & w, which I am loving at the moment, and journalled about how she is growing and changing so fast.

Apart from that things have been fairly relaxed here.  We went for a long walk along the Union canal today, just because I needed to get out of the house for a while and get myself moving.

I think Gordon felt it too as he normally stays at home when I go off wandering.   I think he mainly comes so he can have a play with my camera as I usually take it with me, just in case.

Tomorrow is back to the manicness of work but at least I can go knowing that all the people I care about are safe and well and I don't really have anything to worry about.  It won't stop me worrying or getting stressed because those are things I can do really well but after the past few months it's nice to feel as though things are a bit more settled.


Tomorrow night is craft club and SJ is driving so that makes me go even if I'm tired.  I always enjoy it when i get there but sometimes I wonder what I will take to do, though my knitting is progressing so slowly I am tempted to take that instead.  I will probably take one of the DC classes which are perfect for when I can't decide what I want to to do or when I want to scrap but can't get started.  Anyway that's another day, I may even get another LO done this day if I remove myself from the PC long enough.  Take care x x x

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