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Old age and decomposition

on May 30, 2007

Is what Gordon usually blames when things go wrong.  Up till recently I have refused to accept the old age bit but it seems to have bit me squarely on the bum recently!

This morning I got to school well before 8am as I wanted to leave before 6pm to go and see my baby on his 21st birthday.  I got in, unpacked my bag only to find I had no glasses!  This is the second time in 2 weeks I have done this but I am so snowed under at the moment that I simply didn't have time to go home and get them.

After sending several frantic texts home with the request for them to be dropped off I found them.  In my pencil case!!!!!! Now who, in their right mind, would put their glasses in a pencil case?  I have come to the horrid realisation that I am either losing what little mind I have left or I am getting old or – worst case scenario – it's both at the same time!  I keep telling myself it's my age but I don't want to be old and forgetful and dottery but I seem to have little choice in the matter at the moment. 

Anyway the birthday boy had a good day as he finally got the electricity connected in his flat.  The power supplier was supposed to come today and reconnect the power but they arrived yesterday when he wasn't in so we didn't know whether they would arrive today or not.  It turns out that the person who was to reconnect the supply has the same disease I have as he forgot yesterday was a holiday, looked at his job rota and went off to connect Sean's power.  Having discovered no one was in he checked his diary to discover he should have been at home like all the other people on holiday.  It's nice to know I am not alone in my forgetfulness.

I did remember his presents, card and cake though.  The main present of choice being a camera.  I bought him a bridge camera which is very compact yet powerful and straightforward to use.  Trouble is he was using it to take pics of me so it may develop a serious fault some time soon.  Still no scrapping done but I have made a card for my dgd's birthday tomorrow when she reaches the grand old age of seven.  I will try to remember to take pics of it before I drop it off but there's no guarantees.  We are having a girly shopping spree on Friday after school which I'm looking forward to.  Anyway I am now away to make sure I have glasses in my bag for school tomorrow but that may mean I get there without the pencil case!  Take care x x x

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