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Back to normal?

on May 28, 2007

Well, what passes for it around here anyway!  It has been so long since I have done a regular blog entry I am having to redo this as I lost the first one.  I promise to try harder from now on, lol.

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support, condolence and kind wishes over the past week.  They are all really appreciated.

It has been a pretty hectic week and a very emotional one but Gordon and his mum seem to be coping very well.   In fact his mum has been busy reorganising her flat and planning a variety of trips across the UK to see friends she hasn't seen for some time.  At the tender age of 76 she is much more able to travel  than they are she tells me.  I hope I have the same amount of get up and go when I am 76 but as I don't have a lot at the moment at not quite 50 it's not looking hopeful!

On Friday we decided that we needed to get away and went off to the caravan for a break.  I am so glad we did, partly because it's been so long since we went and partly because we just needed to relax for a short time.  While I was there I took loads of pics for this weeks Feelgood module which is texture.  The previous modules have been very specific and more difficult to fulfill but with this one the difficulty will be narrowing it down to the required number of pics.  Here are some of my faves so far but not likely to be in my final choice.


The pic of the leaf with the rain water on it was taken very early on Saturday and got me some very strange looks as I trudged across the tundra, camera bag and tripod in hand.  Well, it wasn't quite tundra, more like knee deep grass and nettles.  Thank goodness I left the crocs behind, lol.  There are some situations they are just not suitable for.

Gordon, who has now inherited my compact camera, has also been taking a greater interest in photography, although it's something we have both been keen on for some time.  At one point I was busy taking pics of two sleeping ducks as he was busy taking pics of me, lol.  I still have a tendency to be camera phobic but I give in sometimes.  He is the opposite and will happily pose but looks so much better when he doesn't.


Apart from all the funeral arrangements and working this week I have also managed to move my youngest son and most of his possesions into his very own flat.

I am so relieved that he finally has his own place.  He was the sole reason I didn't sell my house when I first moved in with Gordon.  I wanted him to be able to live at home until he was ready to leave but he was unable to cope with the behaviour of his older brother and (at the time the ex) girlfriend from hell and her constant harrassment and he moved out to stay with friends.  He has been very unsettled since but sadly this house is too small to have had him here and his brother could never understand what the problem was.  Hopefully his next step will be to get a job as he passed his forklift training course a few weeks ago and is celebrating his 21st on Tuesday so for him, the future looks bright.  Oh my god, my baby is almost 21!!!!!!

The next bit of good news is that Steven is home safe from Iraq and thoroughly enjoying being with his family again.  He has decided to leave the army so faces some uncertainty ahead but as a family unit they will be fine.

If I could just knock some sense into my oldest now life would be good.  We are all going for a family meal on Friday and it will be the first time I have seen him for a while so we will see what happens. 

I have scrapped almost nothing this month and next month is also going to be hectic so will probably be much the same, roll on the summer holidays.   I am away just now to fight my way past all the furniture and boxes of stuff that Gordon's mum has passed on to us so she can get her flat the way she wants it.  We can't turn around without hitting something but that seems to be how it is for us at the moment.  Our hall is currently housing a bed, several boxes of clothes for various places including recycling/charity shop/tip and a video machine which came over from South Africa and "might still be working".   We can get in and out of the house only by carefully negotiating the space down the middle and unless we move it or have drastic weight reduction surgery very soon we may be moving in with my youngest.  I think we need a house that has elastic walls, or simply and extra 3 days a week to get our own lives sorted out!  On that happy note I am away to do my ironing and prepare for school tomorrow.  If you are one of the lucky people who are on holiday tomorrow, enjoy it.  Take care x x x

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