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Light, camera, action

on May 17, 2007

What a week it has been, hectic doesn't come close and no, I am no further forward with the sorting of the 'stuff'.  Maybe tonight's the night!

Re the photography class it is supposed to be about light – but there hasn't been much of it recently, well other than shades of grey.  Monday was a fairly dry day but by the time I got home and got organised it was raining, again!  Last night it was dry so off I set in the search for some pics that showed a range of light situations.  This is what I got, well it wasn't the only thing I got but more of that shortly.

I love this sculpture – it is called The Wind Vane Family.  Being wind vanes it has a tendency to move so taking photos of it is not always easy but I have been doing so, off and on, for many years and have used it for many lessons and even for part of my uni studies many moons ago.

The daft part is, it is the middle of a busy roundabout which is now overlooked by the newest and most fashionable restaurant in town so not only was I being honked and waved at by passing motorists and pedestrians, the folk in the restaurant probably thought I was mad too!  Still it's all the name of art, lol.  I took a fair few others but I liked this one because it seemed so dramatic and the sky was such a lovely shade of blue.

I have also finally decided on a photo package and I am going to buy it for myself for my birthday.  It is Adobe Lightroom and I love it.  I can't do all the fancy things it's capable of yet but I am going to buy myself a book and learn.  I am working with a download because I wanted to try it first but it's fab.  It looks nice and feels as though it should somehow be a Mac package, though that probably sounds daft to most folk, serious Mac users will know what I mean if they are using it.  I have also downloaded Photoshop Elements but again I haven't really played with it but I may invest in that too rather than the full photoshop pack as that is a bit beyond my budget at the moment.

I am now away to empty boxes to pass the time away.  Gordon and his mum were called to the hospital earlier about his dad so it's not looking to great and I think it may be a long night ahead.  Take care whatever you are doing and remember to tell those closest to you that you love them, I know I will.  x x x

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