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Ah so grasshopper!

on May 15, 2007

Ooops, things have been so manic here I have neither blogged nor read my usual blogs for days!  My apologies and although I can't promise a resumption of normal service before the weekend, I will do my best.

There used to a programme about a Kung Fu expert and his pupil who was referred to as grasshopper when the wise master was parting with knowledge.  I have decided I wish to have knowledge imparted to me – nothing expceptional just things like 'how to get children to actually learn their multiplication tables'  and 'how to prevent children from being horrible to others'.  I figured that if I could do this I would be seriously rich as people would pay lots of money for the same knowledge and I could stay at home all day and ORGANISE my stuff!

At the moment my 'stuff' is as far from organised as it is possible to be and it's driving me nuts!!!!!  In fact I am sure I saw Gordon, who is normally a very tolerant man, well with me anyway, eyeing up a tent in a shop the other day.  Things are getting bad.  I can just about travel from my bed to the bathroom via the kettle but anything more complex requires strategy and an assault course mentality that I have abviously not got.  What I do have is very bruised shins as I keep walking into bl**dy boxes full of stuff!  The worst part is, it's all mine!

My conversion is complete, apart from the unpacking of the boxes, and I love my new super speedy machine, I just can't seem to get the time to use it for anything at the moment.  You can tell it's mine though as it has a delicate sprinkle of brilliant white and grasshopper green drops on those bits of it that crept out from under the plastic cover.  I think they wanted to see what was going on.  I have to say the children at school today thought the subtle, random, grasshopper green streaks in my hair were also very fetching.  I think it looks better on the wall though.  I suppose it will come out in time.

Needless to say there has been no creations made this weekend, not with paper or digi elements, much to my dismay.  Still we were supposed to be going to the caravan this coming weekend but it's a 12 hour crop at Angela's and that, combined with Gordon's dad still being in hospital means it's just not worth trying to go away.  I will just have to stay here and play instead.  Oh well another weekend of hardship won't hurt me I suppose, lol.  Take care x x x

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