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Let the fun begin!

on May 11, 2007

I don't know quite where to start at the moment.  The desk is built in the roof space, the computer arrived today and is now assembled and almost in situ.  I have bought the paint and a chair and a bookcase, but managed to restrain myself after that, lol.

For the past 18 months I have been able to find almost nothing I wanted in the way of resources for school.  Stuff I have carefully made and would be extremely useful but I can't remember which box/file/folder it's in so i have no chance of locating it.  I have school stuf in – a storage unit, a walk in cupboard (which is no longer walk in) another cupboard, under my bed, in a large trunk in my bedroom and in my craft room.   That is not counting the books that are in almost every other room in the house in various bookcases.  I am really looking forwad to having all sorted and organised in one space again, just not the process of getting it like that.  I can feel a mega shop needed for file boxes and folders, let alone shelves to put it all on/in!

As for my craft room, I have made one paper LO this week and it's awful!  Everything is everywhere except where it should be and it's driving me nuts.  All I want is to sit down with some paper and pics and create something wonderful but it ain't happening here, lol.  The Lo i fought with all last weekend is sitting unfinished still and it may be a long way from getting finished.  The worst part is I have so many ideas running through my head at the moment.

Enough of this stress.  I will get through it all it has just happened rather quicker than I thought it would.  I think Gordon wanted to do it to take his mind off his dad, who is still in hospital though there is little they can do apart from administer pain relief and he just wants to come home.  The stress of it is telling on everyone now, not least his mum who is facing the prospect of losing her husband whom she has known for more that 60 years.

On a happier note Logan has, at the grand old age of four months, got 2 bottom teeth!  The main drawback to him having teeth this young is that he doesn't  have the motor skills to hold a teether. It's mainly his own fingers he is chewing currently but he managed to get enough of a grip on Steven's young sister's finger the other day to draw blood!

Katy's current fascination is for birds and she thinks that she can call them to come to her as you do dogs.  She hasn't quite realised that it's not working but that day will come as she is not daft!  Tomorrow is the first assignment in the Pianting with Light photography course and I am a tad nervous about it.  I am taking all 3 grandchildren to a mini zoo which is fairly local on Saturday so hopefully between the children and the animals I will be able to get something for it, depending on what the criteria is.  For now I am away to start trying to make sense of the chaos that I am living in, but it may take a while.  Take care x x x

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