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Change, change, change

on May 7, 2007

The last few days have been many things but peaceful and restful is not any of them!  We never got as far as the caravan.  Gordon went to see his parents on Friday while I packed the bits we needed.  They are both in their late 70's and have various health problems but his dad has been deteriorating recently.  Anyway on his return we decided not to go because, although there is not a lot we can do for his dad, we felt his mum needed some support as she is not coping too well.  As it was, it was the right decision because his dad has been in the hospital since Friday night and Gordon would just have worried and stressed if we were away.

The upshot was we spent some time in the garden, doing all the jobs we had been putting off and then started trying to sort the house a bit, which is never ending because there is just too much stuff in it and nowhere for it to go.  The last time we threw away something that was his mothers she asked for it a week later, despite it having sat in a cupboard unused and unloved for more than a year!  I think she sees this house as her personal storage unit and it's just easier to not rock the boat just now.

I really wanted to do some scrapping but have never had a chance as yet, I have the beginnings of a LO on my desk but it's not making much progress.  I spent yesterday making blog banners, one is finished and will be uploaded once it's happy owner sends me the info, the other is still a work in progress.  My laptop has been so slow recently, it's driving me nuts, and having investigated I seem to have almost filled it up!  After hastily firing stuff onto Gordon's Linux box to free some space it's a wee bit better but not much.  I used to have a desktop pc and a mac, which I loved.  When I moved in here there wasn't much space so I swapped to a laptop.  After much discussion yesterday I have decided that I need to speed and the disk space of a desk top pc so Gordon is going to build me one, which brings me to the next change.

We have a walk in roof space which is full height for about 4 feet and then it slopes to the ground gradually.  Gordon is, as I write, building me a computer area in that space.  As a result the whole house is in a state of chaos and is likely to be so for the next week at least.  I don't know if I can stand it.  All this for the sake of a bit more space on a hard drive, I hope it's worth it.  I did think about an external hard drive but for lots of reasons it just seemed easier to go desktop.

As for digi lo's, after swearing I would never even try digi I have become quite a convert.   These pages were all done for the recent UKS cybercrop.  The one of Logan entitled 'Smile' used a picture taken to send away to Steven, which is why it ended up with the title it did.  The one of Katy called 'Reflection'  was for Shimmelle's class which needed a picture that was the width of the page so it was easier to do it digi, though I am working on a paper lo with the same photo as I love it so much.

The last one was for a class that had a template for using adobe but I did my own effort as I  haven't got adobe, though I am thinking about it.  In the meantime I am going to try a programme called Gimp which runs under Linux and windows and looks very good and is much more flexible and powerful than the package I am currently using.

Speaking of photos I had a lovely comment from Cheryl re my photos, as has everyone taking the course I think.  The trouble with mine is the picture of Katy I put up as a disappointing one she thought was the best!  So not only do I need to learn how to take better photos I also need to learn how to know when I have taken a good one, lol.  It's going to be a fun course I think.

On that note I am away to try and make sense of some of the chaos before returning to  work tomorrow, even if it's only to make sure the ironing is done for the week in case I can't find the iron in the disaster I am living in!  Take care x x x

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