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Feel good? I’m working on it!

on May 4, 2007

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes recently, the lurgy has now gone.  Honestly I have slept about 15 hours more than usual over the past 4 days, but have now returned to waking at around 4.30 am and this morning I was actually pleased about it, lol.

I know I have to do something about my wieght, way too much, and my general level of fitness, way too little, so that is the plan.  I am not going to set myself targets or goals with this as that puts me off straight away but I will simply see how I go.  I have to to avoid some of the more scary health problems that run in my family.

As for another feel good thing I have signed up for a creative photography course with the very talented Cheryl Johnson.  The course is called Painting with Light and this is the one aspect I battle with constantly.  The intro requested we post 2 pics we were happy with, 2 we were not happy with and a self portrait.  Now I have promised myself since I got my new camera that I would do a photo shoot of me and I have never got round to it. 

This week has been no different and I ended up using this shot taken on Wednesday, in one of my rare bouts of wakefulness.  It highlights my wrinkles and is not helped by the fact I was squinting in the sunlight, lol.  Still it's honest and it's me and I have to live with that.

I must invest in a copy of Adobe something or other to edit my pics properly but I haven't got round to that either.  If anyone has any advice on what to buy I am all ears.  I rarely edit my photos apart from cropping and maybe red eye but sometimes they do need more than that and if I want to take better pictures I need a package that will handle RAW files other than the one that comes with the camera.  It would also be uesful to have one that gives you the details of when you took the shot and what you used if that's possible?

My two fave pics are these – the one of Katy is perhaps a bit too light but it was one of the first I ever took with my Canon and I love it.  The opne of Logan was taken using the bits I learned from Kirsty Wiseman at the recent Luxurious Angels retreat.

My two least favourite both have problems with lighting.  The one of Michelle and Logan is a great shot but way too bright.  It was a very sunny day and we were sitting at the edge of a huge sandpit in their favourite park so this is a situation that I need to learn how to set my camera for more skillfully. 

The one of Katy is good but I feel it is a wee bit dark and would just look better a bit brighter.  The trouble is that there is little natural light indoors for so long in this country and at a time when going outside to take pictures is not always possible.

Anyway I am taking my camera away to the caravan today, till Monday, and I will keep practicing.  For those of you who are waiting for blog banners that is on my to do list for this weekend too so hopefully they will be ready early next week.  I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are doing.  Take care x x x 

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